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Division of Planning
 Since its being approved by the Ministry of Education and its founding in 2000, the Diwan University has existed for nine years. In 2004, our school set up the Office of Research and Development (the Office hereafter) according to the third paragraph of the eleventh article of the University Law, with aims to respond with the national development policies, to facilitate international cooperation, to enhance academic research and development, to strengthen vocational training, internship and placement and to promote education. The office is composed of two sections— Planning Section, Internship and Placement Counseling Section.
 The Office expanded its organization since August 1st, 2006 for the purpose of enhancing the academic development, international vision, placement service and the university affairs assessment. Apart from the dean of the office, we add a news position of Deputy Dean. The Office consists of 4 sections— Planning Section, Academic Development Section, International Cooperation Section and Placement Counseling Section. Each section is appointed with a Chief. Such an organization will elevate the overall development and maximize the service efficiency.
Our service
 Handling Assessment of the School for the purpose of being upgraded to a university status
 Handling Medium- and long-term development projects for the School
 Handling Evaluation of the several departments of our School
 Tracing assessment of university affairs
 Handling subsidies from the Ministry of Education for the project of comprehensive development for privately funded schools
 Handling affairs concerning the committee of consultation development of university affairs
 Handling affairs concerning regulatory systems of our school
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